Writing Research Papers on Politics

Politics is indeed an interesting subject to study. Writing research papers on politics and international affairs can be fun as you get a chance to explore the whereabouts of a particular country. There is so much that you can write about politics when writing a research paper. There is so much going on in the present world that you may not have a very difficult time selecting a topic in politics to write a research paper. The purpose of this article is indeed to help you select an interesting topic on politics to write a research paper. Please read below to find out some useful ideas to write research papers on politics.

The Situation in the Middle East

Over the past few years, the situation in the Middle East has deteriorated. If you notice what has been happening in Islamic countries such as Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan Palestine, Iraq, and Pakistan. Things have gotten from bad to worse in Syria in the last two years. There is a massive civil war going on between the rebels and the government. Thousands of innocent people have been killed including young men, children, and women. There seems to be no end to this war as the situation is looking bleak. The situation in Egypt is no peaceful as recently the military has killed hundreds of innocent protesters who were supporting democratic government. Iraq has become a battleground ever since the 9/11 has taken place and thousands of people have been killed there. You can write your research paper on any of the countries that are badly affected. You can focus on the recent crisis in Egypt and whether the country is heading towards a severe civil war or not if the situation is not controlled promptly.

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