Writing Research Papers on Natural Disasters

Writing a research paper on natural disaster can be fairly easy because they have been happening quite consistently over the past few years. One thing that you should always keep in mind while writing research papers on natural disasters is that your sources should be authentic as to make your paper more credible.


The 2004 Tsunami was an unforgettable event when thousands of people lost their lives. It occurred in the Pacific Ocean and it was triggered by massive earthquake near Indonesian province Banda Aceh. You can focus your research paper specifically on 2004 tsunami. It caused massive destruction in various countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and even the eastern coast of Africa.

Hurricane Katrina

The hurricane Katrina was one of the most destructive hurricanes in the history of the United States. It caused massive destruction in New Orleans and thousands of people were forced to become homeless because of a flood. Many people got killed and many became homeless. You can focus your research paper on the entire event and how the government controlled the situation.

Japan Tsunami

The 2011 Japan tsunami was one of the most destructive natural disasters in the history of Japan. It caused massive destruction and several people lost their lives. You can write your research paper focusing on the aftermath of this natural disaster that took place in Japan.

Sandy Storm

The 2013 super storm named Sandy which hit the eastern coast of the United States was one of the most destructive storms in the history of America. It caused massive flooding on the streets of New York and New Jersey. It forced people to vacate their homes. The good thing was that the people were well prepared for this calamity and took necessary precautions. Luckily there was not too much loss of human lives and everything was restored after few days of this disaster.

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