Buy Essay Preventive measures for Water Pollution

Buy Essay Preventive measures for Water Pollution

A certain preventive measures can help the cause and they can restrict the menace of water pollution. By following certain guidelines, water pollution can be minimized. These guidelines are listed below:

  • We should not throw elements like paints, oil and other insolvent or solvent substances in water. This could block sewerage lines and water these harmful substances would enter into bigger pools of water.
  • The products in the household must be environment friendly and these detergents and soaps wouldn’t contribute in water pollution.
  • On a bigger scale, organizations and companies must educate their employees in not throwing elements like litter into oceans and rivers.
  • International organizations and social ventures must coordinate with each other in helping underdeveloped countries to solve their problems related to water pollution.


To conclude we can say that besides other problems water pollution can easily be considered as one of the biggest problems of this world. People are dying from it and suffering from deadly diseases. Due to water pollution, certain species are labeled as endangered species. Marine life is badly affected by this problem and usually this problem isn’t given much attention. Therefore, steps must be taken on both individual level and on a broader level to face this problem. People must coordinate with each other and organizations must not dump their wastes in oceans, seas, rivers etc. They must recycle their waste and then transfer it to safer places. Governments on the other hand should pose penalties on companies that are dumping their waste in water. Therefore, through combined and cumulative efforts this problem can be solved. However, a proactive approach must be initiated at individual basis.

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